What To Do When You Have a Bent Wheel?

I was driving carefully, but I couldn’t see that sharp obstacle in the road, now I am left with a bent wheel. What should I do? Should I go to rim repair shops near me or should I call for help?

It can happen to any car owner, and in such a situation you must consider visiting a rim technician immediately. When you drive with a bent rim, you can feel the vibrations in the car, and if you don’t pay attention, you may end up damaging the car tire as well. Thus you may end up having a tire to repair as well.  You may follow the steps as under:

Step-1: Find A Rim Repair Shop

It is the first thing you should do if you have access to the internet trying to find the nearest rim repair shop. You need to consult the technician and get the rim checked by him for the extent of the damage. In most of the repair shops, it is usually the first step that is followed by rim treatment by the experts.

If your car is damaged badly and you are not in a condition to take it to the technician, see if they can bring their repair vehicle and take the rim along with them for repair.

Step-2: Consult The Technician

Once the technician has taken a close look at the rim, he may be in the better position to suggest whether you have to repair it or whether you have to go for the new rim altogether. You need to keep the costs in mind as well. Repairing usually is cheaper as compared to the new rim. So you have to see what are the kind of budgets you might have even before you start to get the rim repaired.

Step-3: Get The Rim Repaired

It is the most important step. You have to take into account what is the process, which technicians are following to repair the rim. Although the process to repair the rim varies, it usually involves removing all the dirt, paint and the protective finish. The damaged area is then sanded and then it is patched with filler if it is needed. It may then be sanded or buffed to get a smooth finish. Finally, the damaged area may be primed and painted to match the original finish, and it may then be topped with a clear-coat finish.

Although there are other ways as well, you can try doing the things on your own, but that’s not a very good idea. You might not have the expertise and the capabilities, and if the damage is severe, you can forget it altogether. When you get the repair done by the professionals, they have access to the latest technologies. They first identify the extent of damage and then they are in better position to repair it.

Step-4: See If Tire Needs Repairing

Once the rim repairing is done, you’ll have to ensure that the tire is in good shape as well. It is another key advantage of getting the things done from a professional shop. They’ll inform about any severe damages in the tire as well. If it is severe, they may suggest you go for a repair. If the extent of damage is large and the tire is not in the condition to get fixed, they will ask you to go for a new tire altogether.

In the End

Once tire and rim repair are done, you can see what other services are provided by them. May be it is time to go for an overhaul.

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