The Science Behind Athletic Muscle Building Program You Really Need To Know

Muscle buiding

It is in public domain and knowledge that if you want to build muscles you should get in to strength training. There is a lot of information online and in fitness journals about athletic muscle building program. However, sometimes people differ in their opinions as to what you really need to do. In order to know how to build muscles athletic way, you should understand the science behind the growth and development of the muscles.

The questions you need to ask:

Before you do anything, it is important to ask yourself some important questions. These include the following –

*How and why do muscles get bigger?

*How does proper nutrition and training cause build-up of muscles?

By the time you find answers to all these questions, you will be able to develop effective muscle building program that will help you get to the desired muscle building goals.


Body muscles grow in two ways; by increasing the SIZE of the muscles fibres (muscle hypertrophy) or by increasing the NUMBER of those muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia). Whether it is possible to increase the number of the muscle fibres is not clear, but scientific research has shown that it is possible to split the muscle fibres. Even if it exists, muscle hyperplasia at its best will not contribute to anything exceeding 5% in your quest for bigger muscles. So, if you want to build muscle, you should focus not focus on increasing the number of muscle fibres. Instead, focus on muscle hypertrophy, which contributes to over 95% of the muscle growth.

What really is muscle hypertrophy?

Well, this happens when there is increase in the size of the muscle fibres in the body, which causes growth of the cytoplasm and thereby increase the quantity of the contractile proteins, the net effect being that the muscles get stronger and bigger.

There are two main types of muscle hypertrophy. Muscle fibres are mainly comprised of contractile proteins and cytoplasm. For the muscles to get bigger, you must add more proteins and more cytoplasm or simply add both. The two types of muscle hypertrophy are myofibrillar hypertrophy and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The latter type is common amongst the athletic body builders and is characterized by increase in the level of muscle cell fluids, increase in capillary density and also increase in mitochondria, which are basically the powerhouse of your muscle cells.

Cytoplasm fluid accounts for between 25% and 30% of the total cell volume. This increase can be achieved by combination of moderate high intensity and high volume training. Myofibrillar hypertrophy on the hand is common among the Olympic weightlifters and is characterized by increase the volume of the muscle fibre contractile proteins. This is beast achieved by combination of high intensity and low volume training.

At this point, it serves right to say that an effective bodybuilding program for athletes must focus on achieving the two types of muscle hypertrophy, and therefore the program must include combination of high intensity and low volume training (for myofibrillar hypertrophy) and also a combination of moderate high intensity and high volume training (for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy).


If you want to build an athletic body in 45 days, the answer does not lie in exercises alone. Diet is very important especially if you want to build more muscle mass. The nutrition not only helps in growth of the muscles but also in their repair after tear and wear from the strength exercises. The larger muscles also need more glycogen and proteins for their sustained growth.

Note that for muscle building, first class proteins is highly recommended. The leading sources of proteins are the white meats such as fish, sea food and chicken. Essential foods and carbohydrates should also be taken in plenty. Without the right nutrition, the muscles that you build will be generally of inferior quality and they will be floppy and weak.


  • In addition to the foregoing, PROPER SLEEP and REST are very important in muscle growth for athletes.

  • PROPER HYDRATION is also important. Take lots of fresh water to ensure your body is well supplied with water.

  • Allow RECOVERY of muscles. Rest for at least two days every week.

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