The Merits and Demerits of Waterproof Mattress Pad


Waterproof mattress pads have proven to be beneficial for young children who are still bedwetting and sick adults who cannot help themselves out. Normal mattress pads may leak, are hard to clean and they absorb smell which can be irritating. However, all these can be counteracted with the waterproof mattress pads. They are convenient, effective to use and easier to clean up after a mess. Nonetheless, they are comfortable and spacious enough for better sleeping.


If you are looking to have a peaceful night regardless of whether you have the habit of bedwetting or it happens once in a while, a waterproof mattress pad is what you are looking for. There is a wide variety of protective pads out there, but none works better than this one. It is designed especially for protecting your mattress and offering you the comfort you desire to last the whole night without waking up. It has been manufactured to enhance breathability, making it convenient for people who cannot help themselves at night.

The commonly used materials for waterproof mattress pads include vinyl and urethane. While urethane materials offer comfort ability, vinyl materials are more economical; thus widely used in manufacturing of the mattress pads. They are usually available in different styles with fitted bands to ensure that they remain in position even as you move around in bed. Moreover, the materials used are soundless and you don’t have to worry about rustling at night as you toss and turn.


Waterproof mattress pads offer overall protection to your bed in case of incontinence and bedwetting scenarios. They are usually thick, with three or four layers of protective material which decreases the risk of leaking. This also increases the durability of your mattress and compared to other protective measures against bedwetting, it is the most effective. The protective material can be cleaned with a washing machine and still remain intact. They offer protection to the top part of the mattress and the layers increase its absorbency of fluids. Whether you have a huge king-size bed or a smaller one, the mattress pad is guaranteed to fit with perfection.


The overlying layers of protective material is also a disadvantage, as it takes longer to clean and dry. Needless to say, the thicker and more absorbent the waterproof pad is, the longer it takes to dry and clean. In terms of size, they are bigger than other protective materials; thus making it cumbersome to remove it from the mattress and putting it back.

When purchasing a waterproof mattress pad, it is important to consider the waterproof material used and its absorbent fill for better use. It should also be comfortable and enhance breathability for a peaceful night. Despite being cumbersome while cleaning, its effectiveness outweighs its downsides. It can be hectic working with smaller protective pads, as they don’t fit the whole bed nicely and have poor quality materials among. With the waterproof mattress pad, you can enjoy a peaceful night and your mattress will last longer.

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