Say No To Dieting And Still Lose Weight

With obesity being one of the world’s silent killers, it has become important to adhere strictly to tips that save you from being obese. Nevertheless, you won’t want to be underweight either. However, over the years, dieting has been the solution to a healthy weight loss. But, in our world today, almost nobody wants to restrict themselves to a special diet regimen. So, by virtue of this, other ways have been sought for and has been proven as another means to an end.

It is also important to note that, wanting to lose weight is one thing, being disciplined to adhere strictly to ‘what you need to do’ is another. Therefore, there are tested and proven ways you can avoid dieting and lose weight too. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. That is, you can eat healthily and still lose weight.

According to research, if you keep doing one particular thing continuously for 30days, it could become a habit. Thus, if we address how we spend our every day, from what we eat, how we eat them, to when we eat them, losing weight will be more natural.


10 ways to lose weight without dieting:

Let’s start with how you start your day and what you should do at every point of your day.


1. Water therapy

Let water be the first thing you take every morning. It cannot be considered an exaggeration that water plays a vital role in the life a healthy individual. Intake of water aids, to burn calories boosts metabolism and also helps release hormones that aid muscle building.

2. Never skip breakfast

The human body is a system, and can malfunction when treated badly. When you miss your breakfast, the body’s rate of metabolism is slowed down. Thus, breakfast stands to be very important, because, avoiding your breakfast could make you extremely hungry by lunch and cause to over eat.

3. Eat whole grain meals.

Whole grain meals have been proven to cut down weight as they contain Glucomannan which is rich in viscous fibre, a weight loss supplement.

Examples of this are, flax seeds, oat cereals, even oranges.

4. Cut intake of sugar drastically

Yes! Sugar is good but when there is too much in the system, it gets passed to the blood, forming blood fat. Which could cause more body weight and lead to other ailments.

5. Eat slowly

It takes the brain about 20 minutes to detect if the stomach is filled. So, it is advisable to eat slowly to avoid overeating. Which are another means to gain weight?

6. Add protein-rich foods to your daily meals

It is a notable fact that protein rich foods cause weight loss even without exercise. It can reduce hunger, aid the feeling of fullness for long periods, thus, decrease your intake of calories.

7. Avoid junks

Homemade meals have better quality control, plus junks contain a high level of calories and leave you feeling lethargic and less likely to engage in exercising.

8. Exercise regularly

It is a fact that engaging in any sort of exercise burns calories faster. Take a compulsory walk from 45minutes to one hour daily, it works like magic.

9. Avoid eating late

If you are interested in cutting body weight, eating late at night should be erased from your daily habits. Because it adds pounds to your body seriously.

10. Sleep well

Depriving yourself of sleep increases stress hormones, cortisol and this, in turn, disrupt leptin and ghrelin (appetite regulating hormones). If, you do this, your craving for unhealthy food is unavoidable and will lead to more calorie intake.

So, sleep well!

And at the end of the day, you would have successfully lost a reasonable amount of body weight naturally without trying to recall which food you should or shouldn’t take.

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